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    A Christmas Message from the Directors
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    Conversion Monday
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    A Pother on Tithe Audit Day
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    Lewisham: A Survey of its Engineering Problems
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    The Royal Ice
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    J.S. Drivers'...

  • A Christmas Message from the Directors of J.S. 03

    Our New Year message in 1955 spoke of the "Challenge and Opportunities of 1955". Looking back over the past twelve months we can, without conceit or complacency, sav that the response to that challenge has been splendid. The...

  • Conversion Monday 04

    Ballards Lane, October 24th Conversion to self-service is always a job which, after months and months of the discomforts and inconveniences of rebuilding and temporary arrangements, has to be pushed through at high speed with...

  • A Pother on Tithe Audit Day 15

    DEC. 2nd 1783 This being my Tithe Audit Day, the following People attended, and paid me everything that was due. Howlett, Girling, Baker, Bush, Forster, Peachman, Michael Andrews for his Brother Stephen who is ill, Mann,...

  • Marzipan 16

    an old-established delicacy made today with scientific controls " Blanch the almonds and pound them (a few at a time) in a mortar to a paste adding a little rosewater to facilitate the operation,'' says Mrs. Beeton in an...

  • Lewisham: A Survey of its Engineering Problems 20

    We publish below the first two of three articles on the engineering problems met and solved in designing the Lewisham shop. Mr. A. O. Rickman has edited this series and contributes the foreword. We plan to publish the third...

  • Mechanical Handling 21

    During an average day at Lewisham several tons of foodstuffs are unloaded from our vans and moved into place in the warehouse. With a basement warehouse, that much-quoted law is reversed and "what goes down must come up," so...

  • Electrical Engineering 26

    F. G. Fry writes on the many-sided problem of electrical installation for self-service. The tentacles of the electrical installation for a self-service store as conceived by J.S. extend completely over the building from the...

  • The Royal Ice 31

    IN the winter of 1898 I encountered another form of royal servant whose duties lapsed with the coming of modern inventions the royal iceman. Although in London block ice was bought from tradesmen each day at the end of the...

  • J.S. Drivers' Club hold a Social at the Canteen 32

    On October 15 at Blackfriars the J.S. Drivers' Club held a social evening with dancing and entertainments at which 240 members and guests were present. The club, which now includes as members nearly all the J.S. drivers and...

  • Moving Day 37

    On October 29th and 30th the trek across Stamford Street began for some sections of office staff who were moved to Tress House. The move began early Saturday morning and was complete by Sunday evening. A b o v e : Miss ...

  • Ilford's social club opens 44

    On October 4th, ' A ' S e c t i o n ' s social club was opened by District supervisor Mr. Harris. Right, Mr. Brown of Debden addressing club members. Dancing, with instruction, was a popular item. Below, left, Mrs....

  • Kentish Town 46

    K e n t i s h T o w n ' s new shop opened on December 6th. One of its basements engineering problems was the ventilation system of which the main air intake duct is seen above before the air diffusers were fitted. Above : a...

  • Marriages 48

    Very best wishes for their future happiness to :—
    Miss B. Simmonds (High Barnet) and Mr. R. S. Peters (Potters Bar).
    Miss E. Morgan (21 Watford) and Mr. K. Rickerby (222...

  • Obituary 48

    We record the following with regret ;—
    Mr. E. J. Chapman, who joined the Firm in 1948 and was Head Butcher
    at Brentwood, died on October 26th last after an operation following an
    accident at his branch. We offer our...

  • Retirements 48

    Very best wishes for their future health and happiness to the following colleagues
    who have retired:—
    Miss E. A. Cage, who has been with the Firm for over 40 years and retired
    as First Clerk at 6 Norwich.

  • Staff Moves and Promotions 48

    We are pleased to record the following promotions :—
    J. A. Soper of 87 Ealing
    J. N. Daubney of 9/11 Croydon
    F. T. Seward of Grange Hill
    R. H. Lake of Drury Lane
    The following...

  • News of J.S. Staff on National Service 49

    The following are extracts from some of the letters we have received from our men on
    National Service since our last publication :—
    F. A. POPE, Bournemouth. Bulford (Army). Now stationed...

  • Celebration at Chelsea 50

    Celebration at Chelsea
    Chelsea branch celebrated its 25th birthday on October 22nd and
    to mark the occasion ex-housekeeper Miss Deakin made a cake
    with 25 candles atop. Our picture shows 1. to r. Mr. Wilson, Mr.
    Major, Mr....

  • Intent to Murder 51

    A DATE FOR THE NEW YEAR The Stamford Players Present Intent to Murder y\ Gripping Drama in Three Acts at Kenton, Middlesex (Churchill 1 Iall) on Wednesday, 11th January, 1956 at Brighton, Sussex (Pavilion Theatre) on...

  • Other times, other prices 52

    Other times, other prices. A J.S. Branch at Christmas fifty years ago.