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    Non-Stop from Canterbury
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    Reconstruction Makes Progress
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    Going up at Kentish Town
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    Lewisham Takes Shape
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    Gains and Losses
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    Office Dance
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    Machines That Think
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  • Non-Stop from Canterbury 03

    Mr. F. W. Salisbury, Mr. Burgin of the Canterbury Frozen Meat Company, Mr. W. M. Justice, Mr. Palmer, London salesman for C.F.M. and Mr. J. Gregory. ALTHOUGH meat was freed from price control in July last year, it has only...

  • Reconstruction Makes Progress 10

    at 2/4 Ealing _ Since the branch was bombed in 1942 Ealing has been carrying on under some difficulties. The branch has taken over the corner site and the opportunity has been taken to replan the whole area. When our...

  • Going up at Kentish Town 13

    Clearing the space for our new branch in Kentish Town. Since our picture was taken rapid progress has been made and steelwork is already complete to the third floor. The hole has disappeared and floors are going in. The branch...

  • Lewisham takes shape 14

    In December 1953 the Lewisham site was just a hole in the ground. By March 1954 the steel work was going up and the beginnings of the new branch were taking shape. The High Street frontage in October 1954. The ...

  • Gains and Losses 17

    i-'i•".ts. 6, 1796, SATURDAY : Mr Custance was so kind as to Make us a long Morning Visit. lie looked very thin. Received for Butter this Morn' at Is/Id, 0.3.3. Dinner to day, Mutton Soup, Beef Steaks. Billy Bidwell brought...

  • Tea ? 18

    Why has the price of tea risen so much? Will prices stay up? How and when are they likely to come down ? Mr. R, S.Harrison, J. S, Chief Grocery Buyer, discusses briefly the factors involved, ALL of us have been...

  • The manufacture of Tea 20

    A short pictorial survey of the process Tea bushes growing under the shade of tall trees. The original tea bush is a jungle plant. The Chinese were the first cultivators and to-day the bush exists in varieties which ...

  • Office Dance 25

    On the floor at ' O ' Section dance on January 28th. 'O ' Section held this season's dance at the Liverpool Victoria Halls in Holborn. It was a very enjoyable occasion for the 230 members and , , , guests who attended and ...

  • Machines That Think 29

    by B. T. RAMM, J.S. Statistician who discusses in this article some of the powers and limitations of electronic " brains " ARITHMETIC is one of the few human activities that do not appear to have a counterpart in the animal...

  • It Was a Lovely Party 35

    'Q' and 'V' SECTIONS Entertain at Blackfriars

  • Rebuilding in Putney High Street 39

    In Putney High Street J.S. will make their first appearance by a complete conversion of the Coppen Bros, shop which was established in 1888. Reconstruction has entailed closing the shop for a short period and work is...

  • TV with Meals 42

    TELEVISION has brought new ways with it and mealtimes are being changed to fit in with favourite programmes. Here are some notions for savoury snacks that are easy to make and easy to handle round the set. Get a packet of puff...

  • 'Q' danced at Blackfriars on December 18th 44

    LEFT Mr. James Sainsbury buys a raffle ticket from Miss E. Williams BELOW L. to R.: Mrs. Mott, Mrs. W. Bennett, Mr. G. Mott, Mrs. F. Bennett, Mr. Turner, Mrs. Hunt, Mr. L. Lambert, Mr. F. Hunt, 'Q' Section Secretary, Mr....

  • 'Q' Section Arrange an Outing 47

    FOR the past three years the Factory have had a Christmas tree on the First Floor. This has been decorated by the staff and loaded with presents. The tree is then taken, complete, to Miss Sharman's Homes at Sydenham, where...

  • Congratulations 48

    CONGRATULATIONS To the following on the completion of twentyfive
    years' service with the Firm.
    Miss H. N. Hodges (Leading Saleswoman) of 176 Streatham.

  • Marriages 48

    Our very best wishes for their future happiness to the following staff on the occasion
    of their marriage :—
    Miss R. Welling and Mr. R. Svmes of the Factory on 1st January, 1955.

  • Staff Movements and Promotions 48

    We are pleased to record the following promotions : -
    A. Squires of Colchester
    V. W. (J. Pratt of Purlev
    to )Ivthe
    to 68 Croydon
    The folloyring transfers will be of interest to many members of the...

  • Obituary 49

    We would like to extend our deepest sympathy to the relatives of these
    colleagues whose deaths are recorded below:—
    Mr. F. A. Maynard, who died on November 1st, 1954. He joined the linn
    in 1919, became the Manager...

  • Retirements 49

    I n saying good-bye to the following colleagues we wish them health and
    happiness in their well-earned retirement ;—
    MR. F. ('.. REFA'ES. Engaged in 1911, he went on National Service in
    1916. fie returned to the...

  • News of J.S. Staff on National Service 50

    The following are extracts from some of the letters we have received from our men rat
    National Service during the last few weeks :—
    A. ARMSTRONG, Apex Corner. Nairobi (Army). His...

  • A Note About Jubilees 51

    (J.S. Journal, January, 19SS) Our attention has been drawn to the fact that 176 Streatham Hill opened in 1921. The original shop, however, was at 101 Streatham Hill and was opened in 1895. This was destroyed in a Zeppelin...

  • A Change of Secretaries 52

    Stan Taylor Almost everyone in J.S. knows Stan Taylor. As secretary of the S.S.A. he has been the instigator, organiser and moving spirit in so much of the firm's social and sporting life from Derby to Bournemouth that...