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    N.Z. Butter
    Page 9
    Eating for Victory
    Page 10
    Marylebone Prepares
    Page 16
    Southampton S.S.A. Dance
    Page 18
    The Gastronomical Drum-Major
    Page 24
    Ballroom Classes
    Page 26
    Did You Know ?
    Page 28
    Denmark Revisited

  • N.Z. Butter 03

    Dairy cattle in the Buller Gorge, west coast, South Island. Much of the country here is wild and undeveloped. A Brief Account of Butter Production in the Dominion by R. G. P. COX The development of the New Zealand...

  • Eating for Victory 11

    APRIL 20 1796 . . . . At 3. o'clock I drove Nancy over in my little Cart to Mr Mellish's, and did not get there till 4 o'clock owing to Briton's being on foot. The Party we met there was Mr. Mellish, Mr and Mrs Eaton, Mr & Mrs...

  • Marylebone Prepares 12

    Marylebone prepares for its opening day as first J.S. self-service store in the West End After being open for nearly fifteen years these "temporary' premises at 78 Marylebone High St. closed on March 19th and a new...

  • Southampton S.S.A. Dance 18

    The General Assembly gives some idea of the attendance at the Royal Pier Pavilion. First social event of the Southampton S.S.A. section on February 9th was a great success. Nearly 400 guests were present to dance till...

  • The Gastronomical Drum-Major 20

    This year we celebrate the two hundredth anniversary of the birth of the author of one of the best known and least read works on the subject of food BY JAMES BOS WELL MY uncle James was a romantic figure of my childhood. A...

  • Ballroom Dancing Classes at Blackfriars 26

    Correcting body-line on the whisk position. On the floor is Miss MoUie Margetts our instructress with Sheila Gooddy and Ron Glazier. Standing at the back from L. to R. are Elsie Wright, Cynthia Cranston, Brian Reese, Brian...

  • Did You Know ? 28

    That before the sixteenth century eggs were seldom boiled. The usual way of cooking them whole was to bake them in the soft wood ash of the kitchen fire. Coal ashes are too fierce to allow this. That the china hen dishes you...

  • Denmark Revisited 30

    Being a story of a short winter tour of Danish Poultry Packing Stations ONE Sunday afternoon in the middle of February when snow covered most of our countryside, Mr. Frost and I set off from London Airport on a " flying "...

  • Eggs, new and old looks 39

    SPRING is the time for eggs. They should be cheap and plentiful and there are many ways of serving them besides the usual poaching, boiling or frying. For a start there are Anchovy Eggs INGREDIENTS 2 eggS 2 fillets of...

  • Which Paint does What ? 41

    WITH the revealing light of summer on the way, here are a few beginner's points about paint for those who have the "do it yourself" itch and are planning to brighten up the home. First of all paint is meant to preserve the...

  • Seven Kings Expanding 45

    The new shop has its all-glass front while the old one is got ready for the change which will unite the two. At Seven Kings the shop next door has been taken over and work is going ahead to expand the branch. A new...

  • J.S. Staff Movements 47

    We arc pleased fa record the fathnr'ni'i promotions :
    G. Coppard of 24 Brighton
    ( i , I lewins of Wood CJrcen
    ( i . J. Faulkner of 147 Balham
    A. C;. Howell...

  • Marriages 48

    We wish every happiness in the future to the following staff on the occasion of their
    marriage :—
    Miss M. E. Sumner (Wembley) and Mr. P. J. Webster (Marble Arch).
    Miss J. Edwards and...

  • News of J.S. Staff on National Service 48

    The following are extracts from some of the letters we have received from our men
    on National Service during the last few weeks :—
    P. G. BATEMAN, Stamford Hill. West Kirby (R.A.F.). His...

  • Obituary 48

    We regret to record the death, on January 26th, 1955, of Mr. E. J. Perry,
    who retired from 16/20 Holloway in 1947, and sympathise deeply with
    Mrs. Perry and her family in their loss.

  • Retirements 48

    Mr. Walter S. Short retired from 21 Epsom on February 26th, 1955, after
    serving over 40 years with the Firm. lie joined the Firm in September,
    1912, as a Learner at 114 Ilford and worked as an assistant at, 14...

  • Happy Birthday to Mr. John 49

    Happy Birthday to Mr. John.
    From Mt. Lavinia near Colombo
    comes this picture of Mr. John
    cutting the cake at his 84th
    birthday party on January 8th.
    As we go to press he is on his
    way home so we take this
    opportunity of...

  • K, Y and R Dance at Wembley 50

    K, Y and R Dance at Wembley
    Balloons and carnival novelties added to the fun of the evening at
    Wembley Town Hall when K, Y and R Sections held their Valentine
    Night dance there. Over 800 members and guests were present...

  • Mr. and Mrs. Alan Sainsbury 51

    Mr. and Mrs. Alan Sainsbury photographed at London Airport on February 28th on their return from the West Indies, where Mr. Alan had been recuperating after his recent illness.