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    J.S. Take Over Tress House.
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    Dining Out
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    Last Dance of the Season
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    Branches Beat Depot
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    Veterans Meet at Blackfriars
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    A Shop Transformed
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    Martial Venus
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    ' V ' for...

  • J.S. Take Over Tress House 03

    The corner of Blackfriars Road and Stamford Street. The building to the right of the Midland Bank will be occupied by the General Office. It is connected at the rear with the building which appears to the left of the Bank and...

  • Dining Out 12

    From the 14th of August to the 29th, incessant rain, so that I could not stir, and was now very careful not to be much wet. In this confinement, I began to be straitened for food ; but venturing out twice, I one day killed a...

  • Last Dance of the Season at Blackfriars 14

    THE Canteen, with its concealed lighting, banks of flowers and bunches of balloons, had a very festive appearance on the night of the Griffin Dance on March 19th. The music of Len Henshaw was as good and lively as ever and...

  • Branches beat Depot at Dulwich 17

    The Branches representative team look pleased with their victory. In a match which has been judged the best seen at Dulwich for years, a representative Branches Team scored a 4-3 victory over a Depot team. At half time the...

  • Veterans meet for Tea at Blackfriars 20

    The J.S. Veterans Annual Reunion and Concert was held this year on March 29th at Blackfriars. The attendance was as usual a very good one and a grand time was enjoyed by all. The last year has been a busy one for the...

  • A Shop Transformed 26

    Putney High Street re-opens as a J.S. Branch Looking the full length of the new J.S. shop in Putney High Street. Readers will realise the enourmous change made if they refer to J.S. Journal, February, 1955, p. 38, which ...

  • Martial Venus 32

    May 21, 1778. We all breakfasted, dined and slept again at Weston. I walked up to the White Hart with Mr. Lewis and Bill to see a famous Woman in Men's Cloaths, by name Hannah Snell who was 21 years as a common soldier in the...

  • 'V' for Victorious 33

    Griffin ' V take it easy at half-time. L. to R., W. Norfolk, B. Basford, C. Glitz, D. Chumbley, H. Woolley, G. Sims (Secretary) at rear talking to R. Whiting, R. McArthur, F. Platts, B. Franklin, V. Hazell (just visible sitting...

  • Why Paints Flake 39

    MR. B. BUTLER, Director of Leyland Paints Ltd., writes on one of the home-decorator's difficulties A POINT which is too seldom understood by the amateur decorator is that the natural action of a paint film is slowly to ...

  • S.S.A. Summer Fete 41

    Make a Date for the S.S.A. SUMMER FETE At Dulwich on Bank Holiday Monday, August 1st. 11.30 a.m. to 11.30 p.m. Lunches, Teas and Suppers will be available Athletic Events * Tennis Finals * Bowls Finals Sideshows Kiddies'...

  • Mr. John's visit to Ceylon 42

    Mr. John sends us these pictures taken on his recent visit to Ceylon. Top picture, left, shows him picking two leaves and a bud from a bush in a tea plantation. With him is Mrs. Wood, wife of the manager of George Payne Ltd....

  • People at Ilford's Dance 43

    Pictures on this page are from 'A' Section's very successful dance at the Churchill Hall, Ilford, on March 15th. ABOVE, left. Mr. Bull and guest, Mr. and Mrs. Heggles and Mrs. Chidley. ABOVE, right. Mr. and Mrs. Schofield,...

  • Frank Sainsbury 44

    Bom 1878 - Died 1955 Mr. Frank, Mr. Alfred and Mr. J. B. Sainsbury photographed together on a happy occasion in 1938 when the depot staff went on an outing to Margate. THOSE in the Eastern Counties who knew Mr. Frank, one...

  • Congratulations 46

    CONGRATULATIONS and Best Wishes to :—
    Miss Rva Cage of Norwich who has just completed 40 years' service with
    J.S. She started on the despatch counter on March 28th, 1915, and has
    been First Clerk since 1927.

  • Marriages 46

    Very best wishes for their future happiness to :—
    Miss G. M. Arnold (Brondesbury) and Mr. P. J. Coition (128 Kilburn)
    Miss G. Fairall and Mr. B. Taylor of Seaford
    Miss S. Knight and...

  • Obituary 46

    We regret to record the death of Mr. W. W. Buchanan who joined the
    Depot in 1920 and retired in 1946. We extend our deepest sympathy to
    his wife and family.

  • Staff Movements and Promotions 46

    W'e are pleased to record the following promotions : —
    A. Ranger Personal Assistant to Feltham
    to Mr. Walter
    R. D. Barnes of Fulham to 87 Balham
    R. W. Driver of...

  • 'O' Section Darts Tournament Cup Winners 47

    'O' Section Darts Tournament Cup Winners.
    L. to R., Messrs. McEvoy, Chiverton, Pratt, Woodley and Rayner.
    The Sales Office ' B ' team above, defeated Sales Office ' A ' Team
    in this first season of inter-office darts. ' B '...

  • The Queen in Southwark 47

    A unique event in Southwark history took place within a half-mile
    of Stamford House on Maundy Thursday when H.M. The Queen
    visited Southwark Cathedral to distribute the Royal Maundy, the
    first time that...

  • News of J.S. Staff on National Service 48

    The following are extracts from some of the letters we have received from our men on
    National Service since our last publication :—
    T. G. BLOUNT, 24 Brighton. .Gosport (Army). Has...

  • The Staff of 21 Epsom 48

    At the party given to Mr. Short, retiring manager of 21 Epsom,
    a presentation was made to him by the staff. Our picture shows
    the staff of 21 Epsom with, seated in the foreground, L. to R.,
    Mr. Holder, Mr. Short, Mr. Leach, the...

  • Wedding Presentation 49

    At the Colchester Annual Dinner at the Red Lion Mr. Hedges makes a
    wedding presentation to Mr. Dyer on behalf of managers and officials
    of his area. In the picture, L. toR. a r e (seated) Mrs. Finch, Mrs. Watson,
    Mrs. Hedges,...

  • On his return to England 51

    On his return to England from Ceylon one of Mr. John's first calls was at Marylebone High St. to see our West End self-service store there. He is seen above talking to Mr. Hill the Manager, and (centre) Head Butcher, Mr....