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    Self-Service Abroad
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    The Snow and Hedges Finals
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    Tomatoe Buying for J.S.
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    Grocery Packing at Blackfriars
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    The Summer Fete
    Page 30
    Chimps that Pass in the Night
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    Head Butchers at...

  • Self-Service Abroad 03

    Recently returned from a tour with forty other executives from Great Britain Mr. J. L. Woods of J.S. Merchandising Dept. gives his impressions of self-service in Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Germany. A...

  • The Snow and Hedges Finals 14

    Tense moment for Mr. Hanna of Mill Hill. In the final of the Snow Cup, Mill Hill defeated Bishop's Stortford. Mr. Reynolds of Bishop's Stortford caught by the camera at the moment the dart leaves his hand. Mrs. Hedges...

  • Tomato Buying for J.S. 18

    TOMATO-BUYER John McDowell joined J.S. in 1933 but until last year his experience of tomatoes and cucumbers was confined to three years in the Sales Office working on the distribution end. Apart from that they were just...

  • Grocery Packing at Blackfriars 21

    Empty metal boxes returned from branches are fed from the loading bank via gravity roller conveyor (left centre) to a buffer storage area in the basement of Stamford House. They are stacked on arrival and subsequently fed to a...

  • Roll up for the Summer Fete 30

    AUGUST BANK HOLIDAY this year is going to be a very lively affair at Dulwich where the S.S.A. Summer Fete is to be held. The evening show in the central arena will include the Bouncing Dillons, a trampoline act, which has been...

  • Chimps that pass in the Night 32

    ALWAYS in search of news about food we found ourselves recently at the R.S.P.C. A's hostel for animals at London Airport, asking Mr. Salmon, who runs it, a lot of rather badly-aimed questions about the hostel's catering...

  • Head Batchers meet at Stamford House 38

    A year has now passed since the meat trade was freed from Governmental price control on July 5th, 1954. To review the progress of the last year in the Fresh Meat Department a Conference of Head Butchers was arranged to take...

  • It's about Flaking Again 39

    Mr. B. Butler of Leyland Paints, outlines some of the reasons against working too soon on new plaster. IN a previous article we dealt with the flaking of internal wall surfaces on re-decoration. A few words on the cause of...

  • Cold Cookery 42

    HAVING a refrigerator in the house means more than just having cold storage. It can be used to help in the preparation of dishes which will add variety to the salads and cold sweets of August. Ham, Egg and Tomato Jellies 1...

  • Friction on the Labour Front 44

    July 24th, Thursday, 1794 . . . I reprimanded Briton this Evening tot going to Bidwells and staying there unknown to me longer than he ought and am afraid was rather tipsy. At bed-time, which was full two hours after, he gave...

  • Staff Movements and Promotions 45

    We are pleased to recm
    L. R. Franklin
    B. W. Goodswen
    D. G. Jones
    J. C. Coxhill
    \\". Saunders
    K. J. Mash
    The following transfers

  • Congratulations 46

    CONGRATULATIONS and best wishes to :—
    Miss C. M. Humphrey, First Clerk of 14 Hove, on completion of twentyfive
    years' service.
    Congratulations to the following on passing the final examination of the
    Institute of...

  • Mrs. Nellie Harvey 46

    Mr. John sends us this photograph of Mrs. Nellie Harvey who at the
    age of 91 is the oldest of our veterans. Mrs. Harvey started work in
    Mr. J.J. 's office at the age of 18 and attended to callers at the firm's
    original office...

  • Marriage 47

    Very best wishes for their future happiness to :—
    Miss J. Johnson of Head Office and Mr. A. Ridgway of 189 Kensington*

  • Retirement 47

    R. H. Johnson, a Traffic Supervisor at Blackfriars retired on June 1st.
    He joined the Firm in the Warehouse in 1937. Unfortunately his health
    has not been good lately and we hope that his retirement will prove...

  • Walters Cup Annual Darts Tournament 47

    The finals of the Walters Cup annual darts tournament were held
    at the Royal Oak, Maiden, for the seventh year, on May 7th. Our
    picture shows the four teams in the semi-finals, A and B from 97
    Kingston, Walton and Chelsea....

  • Southampton Party 48

    Southampton party
    en route for
    Cheddar Caves
    where they spent
    an afternoon exploring
    on Tune
    R. H. Johnson, a Traffic Supervisor at Blackfriars retired on June 1st.
    He joined the Firm in the Warehouse in 1937....

  • "U" Section 48

    Last and liveliest
    social of the season
    was held by "U"
    Section at the
    Chestnut Tree,
    Walthamstow on
    April 25th. Feature
    of the evening was
    the presentation of
    t r o p h i e s and
    prizes to winners
    of the Darts Comp

  • Mobile Refrigerated Unit 49

    Footnote to J.S. Journal article on rabbit trapping in Australia (Oct.
    1953) is provided by this picture of a mobile refrigerated unit
    heading up-country to a new site. The " g o o s e - n e c k " between
    driver's cab and the...

  • Obituary 49

    We regret to record the deaths of the following colleagues :—
    Mr. F. Cam, the Plumbing Supervisor of the Works Department, on June
    5th. Mr. Cam joined the Firm in 1928 and was well known throughout the
    business as...

  • News of J.S. Staff on National Service 50

    The following are extracts from some oj the letters we have received from our men on
    National Service since our last publication :—
    P. RAWSTRONE, Worthing. Salisbury (Army). Has been...

  • S.S.A. Summer Fete 52

    AUGUST Is Bank Holiday Monday 11.30 am to 11.00 pm Athletic Events Sideshows Rifle Range Tennis Finals Bowls Finals Handicrafts Show Kiddies' Korner Great Attractions in the Central Arena Fireworks and Dancing m Members and...