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    Menu for August
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    Design for Self-Service
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    All aboard
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    Blackfriars and The City
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    Life with the Learners
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    Cook of Kings

  • County Show 03

    The J.S. stand at the Royal Norfolk Show held on June 29th and 30th. R rortMCM J.S. Agricultural Representative in East Anglia, writes about the big event of the year in the countryside THE local Agricultural Show has an...

  • Menu for August 11

    Aug. 25, Monday . . .To Knights for fruit from Weston House gave o.l.o. which fruit I sent to Mr Corboulds at Hungate Lodge. Mr Corbould gave us a short morning Call. About one o'clock this Aft. 1 walked to Weston Church and...

  • Design for Self-Service 12

    The " Spirit of Rotterdam' rising from the city ruins. R. Linfield of Building Developments writes about the design aspect of continental self-service OF the reconstructed cities in Europe, Rotterdam ranks as one of the...

  • All aboard for a day by the sea 21

    J.S. Veterans spend this year's Summer Outing at Eastbourne Above The party lines up at Eastbourne after a happy day in the south coast sunshine. Left Listening to the band. Camera catches, left to right, Mr. Snow, ...

  • Blackfriars and The City 26

    Blackfriars and The City, our photograph shows The City skyline seen from the roof of the factory. In the foreground are the buildings which are being demolished, remodelled or rebuilt to provide much-needed extra space at ...

  • Lewisham 28

    Look out for September SINCE 1953 work has gone steadily on at Lewisham where we have been building what will be the largest self-service all-food shop in Europe. This shop which has been reported on from time to time in...

  • Life with the Learners 31

    James Clay, J.S. Driving Instructor, writes about beginners on the road. How long does it take for anyone to learn to drive ? 1 have been asked that question hundreds of times by many would-be candidates. My answer is always...

  • Cricket 35

    Whatever the weather! One of the mysteries of the English character is that in a climate that provides a minimum of dry weather they should have evolved the game of cricket. This scene must have been happening all over...

  • "Cook of Kings and King of Cooks" 40

    A LUNCHEON for forty guests of the Prince Regent, served at Brighton Pavilion in 1817 by the great French chef Careme, included one-hundred-and-forty-four separate dishes. There were forty different entrees alone. The menu...

  • Congratulations 46

    CONGRATULATIONS and best wishes t o :—
    Miss M. Crouch and Miss D. Mansell, Grocery Supervisors, upon the
    completion of twenty-rive years' service.
    Congratulations to Richard Fear, a Junior Trainee at Harpenden who has

  • Marriages 46

    Very best wishes for their future happiness to :—
    Miss P. Britton of Boreham Wood and Mr. D. Davies of Apex Corner
    Miss H. Clarke and Mr. E. Denyer of 21 Watford
    Miss E. Hearn and...

  • Movements and Promotions 46

    We are pleased to record the following promotions :—
    J.Daniels of Tol worth to Jiwell
    G. Horton of North J Iarrow

  • Retirements 46

    On July 1st a number of our colleagues retired and we wish them health
    and happiness during their well-earned rest.
    From the Branches:—
    Miss B. E. Garbutt
    Miss E. E. Hicks
    Miss A. B. Sheppard
    Mr. G. F....

  • Congratulations! 47

    Congratulations to J. S. Purley staff on their speedy and successful
    recovery after being "torpedoed" by a thunderstorm and cloudburst
    on July 14th. Prompt and courageous action by the staff kept
    the shop...

  • Colchester Poulterers do well 48

    Colchester Poulterers do well
    Feature of the Essex County Agricultural Show at Halstead on June
    8th was the trussing competition in which first and second places
    were taken by J.S. men from Colchester branch. The silver...

  • Obituary 48

    We regret to record the death of Mr. H. C. Bonney on July 11th, 1955. He
    was engaged in 1915 and worked mostly at 7 Palmers Green. He retired
    in 1946. We offer our deepest sympathy to his family.
    We deeply sympathise...

  • News of J.S. Staff on National Service 49

    The following are notes from some of the letters rre have received from our men on
    National Service since our last publication:—
    P. ASHMAN, 43 linfield. Army (Aldershot). Has now almost...

  • Competition 50

    THE subjects for the eighth of the annual competitions organised
    by the monthly magazine, Stores zr Shops, are announced below.
    These competitions aim to encourage serious and practical
    thought in retailing and are...

  • Swimming Gala 51

    GRIFFIN ATHLETIC CLUB SWIMMING GALA CLAPHAM MANOR ST. BATHS Near Clapbam Common Underground Station Saturday, September 24th, at 7 p.m. Prices and Challenge Cups for Relays, Handicaps, Championships Entries for all events...