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    Bacon Sampling
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    Lewisham's New Self-service Shop
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    At Kentish Town
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    A Day with the Horses
    Page 21
    A Summer Fete to Remember
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    Fete Day was Sports Day too
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    Some Prizes Presented
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  • Bacon Sampling 03

    Mr. Fowler in the Sampling Room measuring the length of a side. This length varies more on English sides than on Danish and Danish sides usually have the advantage of greater length than English. A vital routine job at...

  • Lewisham's New Self-service Shop 08

    OUTSTANDING J.S. achievement since the war is the great new self-service shop at 132 Lewisham High Street, opening day Tuesday, September 20th. The new shop will embody the firm's experience gained in designing and planning for...

  • Kentish Town's new self-service branch begins to look shop-shape 12

    Progress continues at Kentish Town. Tiling is now complete in the basement and on the ground floor level. The picture above gives some idea of the extensive corner site and the impression of space gained by carrying the...

  • A Day with the Horses 14

    Notes on the work of the carman and his team fifty years ago when the horseless carriage was still a rather crazy experiment. WE had been reading a little time ago about a Madame Volterra who, besides owning a biggish piece...

  • A Summer Fete to Remember 23

    "Well I hope you'll have summers like this one when you grow up.'' The weather was perfect. The sun shone steadily all through the long summer day and everyone had the kind of time they wanted; lazy or busy, active or idle....

  • Fete Day was Sports Day too ! 30

    Competitors relax while spectators crane to see at the running track. Finish of the 100 yards final. J. Liddington wins, second E. Spencer, third K. Langton. Final of the half-mile, D. J. Myers, 'V' Section, in the lead,...

  • Some Prizes Presented 34

    An attentive section of the crowd watch the prizes being presented by Mr. Salisbury. F. Netscher, winner of the Gent's Singles Tennis Championship. Mrs. Mann, winner of the Ladies' Singles Championship. You wouldn't...

  • Flaking on External Surfaces 45

    Mr. B. Butler discusses how the decorator can best prevent this fault of paintwork Flaking is the usual cause of paint failures externally, and when it does occur it usually happens between the woodwork and the first coat,...

  • Retribution 47

    SEPT. 24, 1790. . . . Nancy was taken very ill this Afternoon with a pain within her, blown up so as if poisoned, attended with a vomiting. I suppose it proceeded in great measure from what she eat at Dinner and after. She eat...

  • Congratulations 48

    CONGRATULATIONS and best wishes to :
    Miss D. M. Winter, First Clerk of Paddington, upon the completion of
    twenty-five years' service.
    R. ]. Smith of Lambeth on passing the advanced examination of the
    Institute of Certificated...

  • Movements and Promotions 48

    We are pleased to record the following promotions : —
    F. J. Gronland of 44/46 Lcwisham
    A. E. Alward from Crouch Hnd to 51 Ipswich
    K, Stephen from 48 llford to...

  • Marriages 49

    I rery best Irishes for their future happini'ss to:—
    Miss J. E. Bunnage and Mr. R. Marshall of 218 Sutton.
    Miss R. Beeton and Mr. A. Bye of Cambridge.
    Miss A. Hawkins and Mr. V....

  • News of J.S. Staff on National Service 49

    I 'he following notes are based on letters we have received from our men on Wational
    Service since our last publication :—
    W. ALLSOPP, High Barnef. Yeovil (Army). Has now passed his test...

  • Retirement 49

    We wish good health and happiness in her retirement to Miss L. Edge,
    First Clerk at Surbiton. Miss Edge joined the firm as a clerk in 1915 at
    Hove and for many years served as First Clerk at Guildford. In 1949...

  • Bexhill's Sunday Outing 50

    Bexhill's Sunday Outing
    Bexhill section of the S.S.A. spent a happy Sunday on July 17th when
    they took a trip to Windsor and to Hampton Court. Some of the party
    are seen above.