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114 colour slides for a presentation about Texas Homecare by Clive Roylance (Advertising and Promotions Director). The presentation appears to have been aimed at managers in the company, and appears to be mainly on the theme of 'retail secrets', advertising and promotion. It includes slides of text and slides of images. Images include interiors of Texas stores, advertising and products.

The slides were originally in two Kodak Carousel slide trays labelled "CR Mosley Stone Speech" on the box and "Clive Roylance Tray A" on one tray and "Clive Roylance Tray B" on the other tray. The presentation was presumably shown using two projectors - one showing the slides from tray A and one showing the slides from tray B simultaneously. The slides have been numbered in pencil by the archivist in accordance with the order in which the slides were placed in the tray.