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Earle Wightman, Coventry staff Hostel, Davenport Road Coventry, 1965

1960-1980 Staff


Joined JS January 2nd 1965 at training Centre, I was sent from Training Centre at Stamford Street to the newly opened store at Trinity Street Coventry, so only on the Company 3 weeks and was sent to
Coventry !!!!! Lived at house in Davenport Road Hostel for 8 months. Later worked at Rugby, Kingsheath, Walsall, Erdington, and Chelmsley Wood Birmingham Doncaster, Sheffield, and then Northwich, Arnold Nottingham and Derby, as Store Manager. See picture of staff Hostel at Coventry, very posh but a very stern house keeper in charge if you did not keep the place tidy and beds made.

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