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Michael du Sautoy, Winchester, September 1976 - September 1979


"Joined as a Friday night - Saturday Student from Peter Symonds College. Was assigned a few random tasks ( by collecting the job sheet from outside the HR office ) including cleaning out the meat freezers and associated blood and fat trays from the then upstairs meat department, rotating around the checkouts which I hated before being assigned to "The Door" for most of my 3 years. Being " On the Door" involved collecting trollies and baskets from the 3 car parks, keeping the checkout area clean and tidy whilst handing out baskets and trollies to customers. Basically an ambassador for the store and its customers. Manager Mr Gronland and Deputy Mr Hawkins. Mr Gumbleton was another name. Re-joined Sainsbury's post degree at Stamford House in 1983. Just completed 35 years service in Buying - Trading - Commercial

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