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Michael Newby, Corby, Edmonton, Stockwell & Wandsworth ( Arndale Centre.). This was followed by Training Services at Blackfriars and finally Marketing Services ( Site Potential Satistics ) also at Blackfriars., 1973 until 1985.

1960-1980 Stores


I started at Corby as a student and joined JS full time in 1975 as a trainee manager starting at Edmonton on North London ( living at Wood Green Hostel ). Then Stockwell ( living at Balham hostel ) and finally to Wandsworth as the Produce Manager. I applied for a position at Blackfriars and I trained as a Management Trainer. I remained in that position until 1980 when I moved into Marketing Services where I remained until 1985 when I left JS to take up a position with one of our suppliers.

Whilst at Blackfriars I met with most of the main board directors especially JD who I had to brief before his weekly branch visits regarding competitive openings worthy of a quick look and sites that we were interested in .

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