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Arthur Sainsbury

Sainsbury Family; Sainsbury's Director

Joining the Sainsbury's business in the late 1890s, Arthur become responsible for pork buying, later brokering the agreement with farmer Lloyd Maunder for a regular supply of quality poultry, butter, eggs, rabbits and pigmeat from the West Country.

From 1911, he pioneered the purchase of petrol fuelled delivery lorries for the firm. At around this time, John James Sainsbury began the process of dividing up the responsibilities within the business. Arthur was assigned statements (customer accounts) and the management of the cooked meats factory at Blackfriars, which made Sainsbury's own-brand pies, sausages and cooked meats. By 1900 these had become Sainsbury's most profitable product lines. He was also a provision buyer of pork, eggs and butter.

In 1922, when Sainsbury's become a private limited company, Arthur was made a director, along with his brothers John and Alfred.






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