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Working Lives

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Household Goods

Nowadays Sainsbury’s sells lots of non-food products but for much of its history it focussed almost exclusively on groceries. The earliest exceptions were 'household goods', an offering which has changed significantly over time.

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Butter and margarine

Butter was one of just three products sold in the first Sainsbury's store, and remained a key product during Sainsbury's development into a national chain. We look here at the history of butter, margarine and spreads at Sainsbury's.

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Easter Advertising

Egg-xamine archive material showing how Easter at Sainsbury’s has changed over the last hundred years.

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A Brief History of Wine

Sainsbury’s began selling own-brand wines in the 1960s. Enjoy a few digitised items from our collection charting the rise of this important department.

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We're Gonna Party Like it's 1979

It’s party time at Sainsbury Archive

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Tastes better than it looks?

A look back at some unappetising finds

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Trick or Treat?

To celebrate Halloween we're treating you to a selection of 1960s sweet packaging.

Photo Story

Own Label

Highlighting the story, and showcasing examples, of the Sainsbury Design Studio under Peter Dixon, 1962-1977