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Working Lives

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A History of Innovation

Sainsbury’s has always had a flair for innovation, right from the day the first store opened.

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Store Highlight: Croydon

Description of first suburban shop in Croydon and all the amazing innovations it went through over the years.

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Store Highlight: 173 Drury Lane

A description of what it was like to shop in Sainsbury's first branch and the changes it went through before closing its doors for the last time in 1958

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Trick or Treat?

To celebrate Halloween we're treating you to a selection of 1960s sweet packaging.

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Shopping patterns

Over the last 149 years the way we shop for food has changed dramatically, reflecting other social changes. Since its establishment in 1869, Sainsbury’s has adapted to meet the changing needs of its customers.

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Changes to the high street

The market streets were the ideal location to trade from and the surrounding businesses complimented the sale of Sainsbury’s goods.

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Store design

From the 1890s onwards, Sainsbury's new shops shared a common 'house style' with long shape, tiled walls and marble-topped counters.